A Portrait of Andy Warhol

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Christy Ottaviano Books (Henry Holt)
(pub. 5.24. 2011 )  40 pages 

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top 

A uthor and Illustrator: Bonnie Christensen

C haracter: Andy Warhol, the artist
O verview from jacket flap: 
      "You might recognize Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Campbell's Soup cans and Coke bottles. But do you know about the artist who created these images?
     Andy Warhol was often sick as a child, yet found comfort in reading comic books and most especially in drawing.  Starting with his early days in Pittsburg in the 1930s and progressing to the height of his glory in the 1960s when he blurred the line between commercial art and fine art, this book chronicles an artist's remarkable path to becoming a renowned Pop Art icon."
T antalizing taste: 
       "Just out of art school, Andy Warhol boarded a night train in Pittsburgh.  He carried his portfolio of drawings and two hundred dollars.  'You will do something Great! Crazy! Terrific!' his mother predicted...
     'Spot' - the poor, sick, and shy kid from Pittsburgh - ... transformed himself into the Prince of Pop Art.  Art that anyone could recognize and understand."

and something more:  In this picture book biography, Fabulous! A Portrait of Andy Warhol, Bonnie Christensen's artwork and text capture the artist's essence.  Just this week I was studying a self-portrait of Andy Warhol at SFMOMA where I give tours to school groups as a docent.  In this self portrait, half of his face is shaded. I often ask children and teens to tell me why they think he chose to paint himself that way, and one response is that it might represent his public vs private side.  I plan to share this book and the following thoughts from the Author's Note with students: "Very few people know that Andy Warhol attended church regularly, helped serve Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless, lived most of his adult life with his mother, and possibly suffered from dyslexia or Asperger's syndrome... Full of contradictions, both stated and implied."  


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