The East-West House

The East-West House
Noguchi's Childhood in Japan

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Lee & Low Books 

(pub. 8.1.2009)  28 pages 

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top 

A uthor and illustrator: Christy Hale
C haracter: artist Isamu Noguchi
O verview from the jacket flap: 
"Isamu was a boy of the East and the West. Born in the United States to a Japanese father and Scoth-Irish American mother, Isamu grew up in Japan. From his earliest years he felt the tug of his biracial heritage, never quite fitting in or thinking he belonged. Pleasure came, however, from the natural world... Noguchi created a vast array of innovative sculptures, stage sets, furniture, and public spaces. The East-West House is a tribute to the artistic beginnnings of this pioneering modern sculptor and designer."

T antalizing taste:  
"With the world in his hands his imagination soared. And where emptiness once lived, Isamu created home."

and something more:  
Two of my Bay Area writer friends, Amy Novesky and Amy Gibson suggested the picture book biography, The East-West House, for my blog written and illustrated by another local author, Christy Hale.  Christy's lyrical text and Japanese-inspired illustrations captivated me as I learned about Noguchi's childhood and the influences which contributed to his beautiful sculptures.

I've always been fascinated that Noguchi collaborated with the modern dancer pioneer, Martha Graham, and designed theater sets for her performances.  I liked what Christy says in the back matter: Noguchi's sets "allowed dancers and objects to move freely through space. Noguchi came to think of sculpture as more than just static, three-dimensional objects. His sculptures expressed movement. They presented different views and changing patterns of light and shadow, and gave space a sense of depth."  The perfect type of setting for modern dance!

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How were the illustrations of "My Hands Sing the Blues" done? I looked at other Zunon's other drawings and was interested. Great Book!