For the Birds

The Life of Roger Tory Peterson

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(pub. 10.1.2011) 40 pages 

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top

A uthor: Peggy Thomas
         and Illustrator: Laura Jacques

haracter:  Roger Tory Peterson 

O verview from the jacket flap: 

      "To some, he was 'Professor Nuts Peterson,' but to the world he was Roger Tory Peterson. For the Birds - The Life of Roger Tory Peterson tracks this American artist, activist, and passionate bird lover from his days as a child, to art student, to creator of the Peterson Field Guides, to global environmentalist.  Peterson's guides were revolutionary -- simply written and drawn for everyone to enjoy the birds, animals, and plants of the outdoors."
T antalizing taste: 
     "No osprey eggs hatched that year. Throughout the Northeast, peregrine falcons were also disappearing, and down South, bald eagle nests were empty. Roger and other scientists believed that the cause might be the widespread spraying of DDT, the pesticide he had studied years ago. Someone had to stand up for the birds before they vanished completely."

and something more: For several generations, our family has been visiting a wonderful lake in Northern Idaho, and we did notice a decline in ospreys nesting at the tops of the trees lining the lake.  But gradually over the years, we've seen a return of these amazing birds and also a few bald eagles.  Thank goodness for people such as Roger Tory Peterson who said: "The other creatures with which we share this world have their rights too, but not speaking our language, they have no voice, no vote; it is our moral duty to take care of them." 


shelf-employed said...

My first thought was Roger Tory Peterson who? But then I read farther - oh, Peterson's guide books, of course! Ospreys are making a comeback in my area, too. Thanks for participating in today's roundup.

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

That's good to hear that ospreys are making a comeback in your neck of the woods, too. Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday today!

Kellee said...

Love any book which promotes art and wildlife- happy to hear this one promotes both. Thank you for sharing.

Happy reading this week! :)

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Yes! And happy reading to you, too! Thanks for stopping by

Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

Oh Jeanne, you know how much I love picture book biographies! This one looks like it has exquisite illustrations and a definite must have. I just gave a short talk at the Ministry of Education here in Singapore and I have provided the participants with a list of great titles for picture book biographies. I should look for this one and read it, could be a lovely addition to the list I've created.

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Hi Myra! I'm so glad you're considering including this on your list of picture book biographies. And *Bravo!* to you for giving a talk to the Ministry of Education in Singapore:)