From the Good Mountain

How Gutenberg Changed the World

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(pub. 9.18.12) 36 pages 

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top

A uthor and illustrator: James Rumford
haracter: Johannes Gutenberg

O verview from the jacket flap: 

      "What was made of rags and bones, soot and seeds? What took a mountain to make?
       For the answer, travel back to the fifteenth century - to a time when books were made by hand and a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented a way to print books with movable type.
        Written as a series of riddles and illustrated in the style of medieval manuscripts by award-winning author and artist James Rumford, From the Good Mountain will intrigue readers of all ages..."
T antalizing taste: 

        "A man from the Good Mountain in the city of Mainz ... put a sheet of damp paper into the press and slid paper and type under the giant screw. He pulled the handle. The screw turned and pressed the paper onto the raised letters of the type. In a flash the paper was glistening with words. He looked at his work and smiled."
and something more: I always enjoy the Author's Note and Back Matter in picture book biographies, and the Epilogue of From the Good Mountain provides lots to ponder, including a discussion of the first printed books and a new vocabulary word for me: "From 1450 to 1500 printing was in its infancy. The books printed then have a special name to show how new they were: incunabula (in-kyoo-NA-byoo-la), which means 'cloth in which you wrap a newborn baby.'"  Sweet!


shelf-employed said...

I will definitely look this one up! Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Jeanne. It is a good one.
Thanks also for joining in today's Nonfiction Monday Event.
Apples with Many Seeds

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Thanks, Lisa, for stopping by. I'm glad you'll check it out. And I'm looking forward to reading the contributors' posts to Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month in February organized by you and Margo. Looks terrific!

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Thanks Tammy for stopping by and for hosting today's Nonfiction Monday!

Perogyo said...

This looks great- we're all book nerds on nonfiction Monday so I think this history will be very popular!

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Yes! Book nerds indeed! Thanks for stopping by.

Lady In Read said...

love the topic.. this book sure sounds interesting.. I am definitely going to check it out

James Rumford said...

Aloha, Thank you for introducing my book. I am glad that you enjoyed it. There is more about it on my website: jamesrumford.com. What a wonderful, exciting time we live in! Just as in Gutenberg's time, everything is changing as books undergo a huge transformation.
Aloha, James Rumford

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

James, What an unexpected delight to have you stop by. Your book is a treasure! And, you're certainly right -- we live in a fast-changing time in the world of books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Best wishes with your book