The House That Jane Built

A Story About Jane Addams

Christy Ottaviano Books
(Henry Holt)

(published 6.23.2015) 32 pages 

A True Tale with Cherry On Top 

A uthor: Tanya Lee Stone
      and Illustrator: Kathryn Brown 

C character: Jane Addams

O verview from the jacket flap: 

    "'Ever since she was a little girl, Jane Addams hoped to help people in need. She wanted to create a place where people could find food, work, and community. In 1889, she chose a houseman run-down Chicago neighborhood and turned it into Hull House - a settlement home - soon adding a playground, kindergarten, and a public bath. By 1907, Hull House included thirteen buildings. Andy the early 1920s, more than nine thousand people visited Hull House each week.
      The dreams of a smart, caring girl had become a reality. And the lives of hundreds of thousands of people were transformed when they stepped into the house that Jane Addams built."

T antalizing taste: 

     "She told her friend... about her plan to build a settlement house in Chicago. It was 'as if a racehorse had burst out of the gate, free at last to pour every ounce of energy into running.'
      There was a glittery side to Chicago, with its mansions, fancy shops, and sparkling lakefront. But there was a gritty side, too. One million people lived in Chicago in 1889. Most were immigrants - people who came from other countries. They came for a better life... Many needed help."     

and something more: Tanya Lee Stone's Author's Note includes fascinating additional information about Jane Addams: "During World War I, she co-founded the Woman's Peace Party... she traveled the world and spoke out against war. Her opinions were not always popular. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) kept a file on her, and she was called 'the most dangerous woman in America.' But none of that stopped her. In 1931, she became the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize." 


Myra Garces Bacsal said...

Another book that I will add to my PBB list. Thanks, Jeanne!

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Hi Myra, Yes! It's an inspiring one -- a great story! Thanks for stopping by

Books4Learning said...

I wrote a paper on Jane Addams in college. i am excited to check this book out. Thanks for highlighting it.

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

That's interesting you wrote a paper about Jane Addams in college -- I wonder if this book and the included research will shed more light on her for you. Thanks for stopping by!